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Captain Morgan Rum Original



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Captain Morgan Rum Original


Captain Morgan Rum Original 70cl

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Captain Morgan was indeed a real life character. Named after Sir Henry Morgan, the 17th century privateer of the Caribbean, the Seagram Company started producing this rum in 1944 after Samuel Bronfman (CEO of Seagram) purchased the rights to it from the Levy family - a Jamaican pharmacy owning family who had been adding medicinal herbs and spices to raw rum, ageing and then bottling it in the comfort of their back yard. After Bronfman tried their rum he just had to buy the rights to it as he loved it so much.

Distilled from sugar cane and made from molasses, yeast, mash and water Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum uses a continuous still in its method of distillation. Once distilled the clear spirit is then aged in oak barrels for a year, giving it's distinctive golden colour after which the spices are added, spices which are locally sourced from the Caribbean Islands.

He believed it was all about the blend. Founded in 1945 by a self styled rum king Sam Bronfman. The charred barrels play a huge part in shaping the rum's flavour, helping release the vanillin, tannins and caramelising sugars. Ageing in these barrels also mellows the spirit and helps create the rich golden colour that is characteristic of different Captain Morgan products.


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