Top 5 reasons why a shot of Tequila a day keeps the Doctor away!

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We all love a shot or two or three of Tequila once in a while, but now there are no excuses, or feelings of guilt! So next time you and your mates are at the bar don’t forget to get that round of Tequila Shots in – as they’re actually good for you!!

5. Tequila has been used for decades to fight flu and the common cold.

Since the time of the Spanish Flu Epidemic in 1918, tequila has been used as remedy to fight the symptoms of colds and flu – why? Well it’s quite simple really – The agave plant used to make tequila is known to reduce bacteria and can also help relieve a sore throat, mix that with some high in vitamin C lime juice, and some agave nectar for sweetness and some more of that natural bacteria fighting goodness and voilà you have the perfect cocktail to aid you on the road to recovery!

 4. Tequila can help lower cholesterol levels.

The fructans in the blue agave plant can actively reduce cholesterol and aid fat absorption in the stomach! So next time you’re at your favourite Mexican restaurant wash down that big bowl of chilli con carne with a fabulous Tequila cocktail and you just might find yourself skipping home!

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3. A relaxing sleep aid

For all you insomniacs out there – next time you are having trouble falling asleep why not try a shot of Tequila – now we’re not talking 3 or 4 shots – we don’t want you to pass out! But a single shot of Tequila has been proven to stimulate relaxation therefore helping you unwind and hit the sack.

2. Tequila as a natural Colon Cleanser

Once again that magical plant the blue agave is proving it worth, this time as a natural drug transporter. When treating diseases such as IBS, Crohn disease and colon cancer one of the many challenges that doctor’s face is how to get the drugs past the stomach as most are quickly destroyed by the stomach acids. This is where those fructans come into their own again as they can resist destruction in the stomach and let lifesaving drugs pass through unharmed.

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And in our humble opinion, the number one reason why Tequila is just so good for you is…..(drum roll please)

1. It can help to lower blood sugar and help you lose weight!!

What!!! I hear you cry… The Agave plant that is used to produce Tequila has a natural occurring sugar in it called Agavins – these agavins reduce glucose levels and increase insulin. On top of that the agavins which are non-digestible act as a fibre which can help you feel fuller which means you eat less!! It’s time for the Tequila Diet me thinks!!

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